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Bespoke web applications? Driven developers to join your team? As One takes care of it. Always at hand and to the point. With the healthy ambition of working towards your goals alongside you. 

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Whatever skills you're looking for, our people will bring them to you. More than that, they work in your organisation from day 1 as if they were one of your co-workers. Thanks to thorough training, continuous sharing of best practices and a hands-on approach, they are ready to help your team succeed.

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software projects

Need a specific web application that will help your business work more efficiently or give your customers a better experience? Our in-house developers can build it for you - and they don't stop until every line of code works perfectly.

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why work together As One?

Together, you achieve more. As One becomes part of your team and plays a tight game, staying at your side until you reach the goal posts. Thanks to open communication and a flexible approach, we find the most efficient way of getting there.

  • Clear communication
  • Flexible approach
  • Driven team
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As One develops applications for organisations in very diverse fields. Over the years we've gained specific experience in the following sectors.

we develop As One

we develop As One

Our developers are specialists in various programming languages for web applications. They regularly attend external training courses and leading international conferences to keep abreast of novelties in their profession. All to deliver state-of-the-art applications to you again and again.

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • AWS
  • Cloud development
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Are you an experienced developer looking for a new challenge in an ambitious company with endless growth opportunities? Or have you just graduated and are keen to work in an open-minded team where you'll have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills right away and learn from experienced co-workers while doing so? That's perfect, because we're looking for new players in our team.

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